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June 2019

— (while the fact that rand() is not good stays true, of course)

— A "better" std alternative if mt19937

— Ok will check it out . Thanks

When I googled it earlier it shows it follows a complete pattern of execution which produces same output everytime

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— Srand() initializes the sequence of pseudo-random numbers that rand() gives. If you don't use srand(), it will always use 1 as seed number, so you will get always the same order

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(this might be useful if, for example, you want to debug a program which uses rand(), since you will remove randomness from your code)

— ^

— Use uniform_int_distribution

— And put it in a uniform distribution

— Output?

— Hello everyone! I'm looking for anyone who have experience with reSIProcate, is there any1?

— Run it

— Run it and tell us

— Random_device is bad for uniform distr ? :(

— What is if mt19937?

— No you give that as entropy to mt19937