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June 2019

— I have a vector array of bool datatype now I want it to have all values true, can that be achieved?

— By default std::vector<bool> has false right?

— U can test it fast...

— Initialize it with (size, true) and you are done


Also, it is worth noting that *std::vector<bool> works differently compared to other template<typename T> std::vector*

— Like?

— BTW thanks for this

— It is allowed to store 8 booleans per byte or any setup it likes for storing the booleans given that they are still in contiguous memory

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— Is nature a keyword in C++?

— Ok it's not

— Anybody know any idea to use c programming sockets to communicate with multiple client vice versa?

— Using TCP protocol

— Yes

— Communicate with 1 client at the time is easy

— Take a look on long polling