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June 2019

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— Simply declare the members function in the derived class and define a new implimentation for that member function

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— Ok thanks 😁👍

— Got the point or not? Still confused


Bcz your pointer defines only base class function if you declare in base clas... so in base class use virtual function... so that it will override.... then... you can use easily base class pointers in different class also...

— Ah I missed that from the original question. Yes if it is in a catch block then execution will continue normally

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— Ya clear now 😁🐙

— So if there is no try and catch and the program throws an exception then it will terminate?

— How can I add graphics.h to dev-c++

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— Where is the pine message

— I am human

— No it won't

— Then what were you saying earlier 👆

— What I said applies to if the exception is outside a try block