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June 2019

— Naw, is this book free at least?

— If not, then you’ll be unable to find it here, there are only free books. piracy :<

— Which language I should prefer for acmicpc and other competition ?

— C++, Python or java?


BTW Let Us C is almost unanimously considered a terrible book: (look at warnings) (read: “Let Us C” is a book that has corrupted almost every budding C programmer in India. The mistakes, misinformation and sheer lack of depth in the book is astounding.)

— What's acimpcp


— Or GCJ, FHC, HashCode etc..for all this?

— I dunno that 😶

— What does the below statement means, can someone explain in simple words:
"There is a necessity to use the single pointer to refer to all the objects of the different classes. So, we create the pointer to the base class that refers to all the derived objects. But, when base class pointer contains the address of the derived class object, always executes the base class function. This issue can only be resolved by using the 'virtual' function."

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— First read thr virtual function... then you can understand ... easily

— This is the first point in why we use virtual functions..

— How can I add graphics.h to dev-c++

— Bcz pf dynamic binding.... if you declare virtual function in base class.... it will overridable....

— /