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August 2018

— And then just keep running that function over and over


Problem is the loop naturally will attempt to run timers and other callbacks, so basically this would be needed

— Hi there, I hae a little problem Im doing some bars, and I have styled one of say a color of rgb(30, 60, 90) and the CSS class is applied correctly, however, if I use eyedrop or a similar tool and follow all the bar, the colors are changed a little specially in the borders of the bar... I think this is some kind of "degradiation" but the problem is that in windows the whole bar is the same color... is OSX it seems that it changes depending on which part of the bar are you measuring the color with the eyedroper any hints on this?? a technical paper between this differences??

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— Eyedropper might not be completely accurate on macOS?

— It think it takes color from shell interface, not browser. try switching some theme it should change color again

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— I surprised but chrome and firefox display same sites (youtube for example) in different color tones.. hmm..

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— Left is firefox, right is chrome. check the red bar difference

— That's just google doing different stuff per browser

— Color profiles

— You can change them

— Javascript parteeeyy yay!

— Performance question