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June 2019

— I can see strings like strlen and more

— There are softwares like IDA Pro and Radare which can build an approximation of a working C code, but don't expect it to be like the original one.

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— Again, useless if not in context - you would still have to read some assembly to unscramble the logic.

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— Thank you. Yes I did.


Hey the program is getting terminated after throwing a exception, but I don't want to the program to terminate after catch statement, how to overcome this?

— Try{} catch() {}
Then call .what() method from exception object

— Ok letme see first what .what() means 😅.

— After catch-statement...?

— Info about ur exception

— Shall i send the code?

— Sure

— Send that try-catch block

— It is a problem at hackerrank

— Could you use a paste site?

— And only paste the needed part of the program