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June 2019

ā€” Iā€™m also learning C

ā€” Anyone has a chat about php?

ā€” šŸ‘

ā€” I have a project which written by php, and I also have some issues about php code


Will someone please take some efforts to EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE IN THEM?? just ...bcoz i m new to this lang

ā€” Btwn int main and void main uh want????

ā€” Yeah...i m noob

ā€” I know they are return types and all

ā€” But whats the real difference??

ā€” Void main is basically used when uh dont have to return any value from ur code......

ā€” When is it critical to use them specifically?

ā€” Wait

ā€” I ll let uh know in just 2 mins...

ā€” Hi

ā€” Https://