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June 2019

β€” Xd

β€” Better stay far from that

β€” What do you recommend then to build web interfaces? Express?

β€” I found...
thank uπŸ‘πŸ»


Eh i really havent touched web in like 3 years
Nodejs/express is pretty simple and easy to have a web interface
websockets is pretty neat too

php is painful

i’ve seen people use python too haven’t done it myself tho

β€” I used Python Flask and NodeJS, and they're both cool.

β€” Void main()
struct player
char name[30];
unsigned char player_number;
float batting_average
printf("size = %d", sizeof (struct player));

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β€” What will print? And why?

β€” Just f*****g run it

β€” Read the rules please

β€” ++

β€” Int main

β€” Sure thanks

β€” It will also put padding in struct

β€” I run it brother and it show 35
The problem is by what logic it 35.