Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Is this a website?


— Here

— >reactjs


A joke really.. :P
Does the Telegram search not find you any groups? Maybe try searching for C# groups on Google.

— Good for breaking your code after every update

— *JS actually

— C# is a extremely different language

— Not rlly (node)js isn’t that bad
>personal experience
But reactjs
Literally when you update it half your code stops working

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— Xd

— Better stay far from that

— What do you recommend then to build web interfaces? Express?

— I found...
thank u👍🏻

— Eh i really havent touched web in like 3 years
Nodejs/express is pretty simple and easy to have a web interface
websockets is pretty neat too

php is painful

i’ve seen people use python too haven’t done it myself tho

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— I used Python Flask and NodeJS, and they're both cool.