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June 2019

— How to create database in c++

— K

— Just type after include statement
Using namespace std;

— Bro u r just setting the space b4 it


Can someone help with Dear ImGui? I think I set it up right (not sure), but I keep getting a segmentation fault.

— You shouldn't do that.

— N y so ?

— N one more thing isn't it in c++

— ?

— Like std::scientific for examplr

— Every function that you make with a name like on in the std:: namespace will be ambiguous and produce bugs. It also breaks ADL and is considered bad practice. If you want more info on why it's bad Google it.

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— It is, but that's not what he's trying to do

— Thanx brother something new I'll def see i5

— No he asked for that in c so I was confused

— He asked for std::fixed, not std::scientific they're completely different things.