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June 2019

— Https://
my HackerRank's solution (work in progress)

— Hiii

— 👋😂

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Jio.
You got crypted by India


C++ statement: std::cout << "Square root of "<<x<<" = "<< std::fixed << square_root(x)<<"\n"
What will be it's C equivalent?

— Also how can I tackle with std::fixed in C?

— printf("Square root of %d = %.5f\n", x, sqrt(x));

— Is %lf not correct?

— Where that 5 is how what you'd set with std::setprecision

— Oh

— No such specifier

— Should i ask a coding question here?

— %f is for a double

— And a float will be implicitly converted to that

— Only if it's related to C/C++