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June 2019

— In this telegram group and Indian has admin of this group

— Https://

— Only google

— Anyway i wrote pm


Shutter Shy:
There is two ways to learn programming. You can start from the "bottom" to the "top" or vice versa. What do I mean? "Bottom" it is learning how the computing machines work and "top" itis learning how to write code for these machines. So if you have a lot of free time I suggest you to start from the "bottom" and go to the "top". In this case you gonna understand programing much dipper then people that know only how to coding. But if you want to get job or realise your project faster you can start from the "top".
You also can check this video(turn on subs). If you know nothing about programing I think it will make a sence

— Yap tnx

— Nice

— Https://
my HackerRank's solution (work in progress)

— Hiii

— 👋😂

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Jio.
You got crypted by India

— C++ statement: std::cout << "Square root of "<<x<<" = "<< std::fixed << square_root(x)<<"\n"
What will be it's C equivalent?

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— Also how can I tackle with std::fixed in C?

— printf("Square root of %d = %.5f\n", x, sqrt(x));

— Is %lf not correct?