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June 2019

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— C++ is harder then inother popular languages

— Start from a generic point of view on programming languages, then start a basic online course about C++ while you study something about algorithms and some theory

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— Give me some examples of generic point


C++ is a language with a steep learning curve. In other languages you start with easy things and only after a while it gets complicated (sometimes too complicated). In C++ the complicated parts appear on the early stages and you going to learn a lot more to write simple applications. But on the other hand, when it get to really big and complicated applications, comparing to other languages C++ still work with you, and you will not be forced to fight it to make the things go as you want.

— I have a another question.
What is a generic point.

— Not bound to a specific language (C++, C#) or technology (.Net, Java VM)

— What?

— Just how it all works

— It's generic point of view

— I am a beginner I not know the proper steps of programming language

— Https://

— Lol

— Youtube is you bast choice....No other

— Bast -> best ,sorry