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June 2019

— Now that I read it carefully, you may want Ranges. They're not in the Standard (though they're accepted for C++20), but there're some implementations like Boost.Ranges and Eric Niebler's Ranges v3

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— No, I meant that you

1) set it to true between lines 16 and 17

2) make a check, increment count and set the value to false after line 34

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— Https://

— It seems like I got banned in ot group because the antiuserbots bot lagged (he sent bunch of messages "press this button to prove that you're human" and instantly banned me (surely not only me).

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Oh, no, I didn't mean to remove count++ from the first if.
I mean, the only thing that I think was wrong in the code that we discussed yesterday at night, that this additional count++ was bad. Everything else seem to be good. So the logic I proposed, only changes this behaviour (adding one to the result value). Other counting should remain the same.

Anyway, I don't want to help you with this task anymore, I'm pretty sure you can get to the solution yourself

— Ok

— ?

— Can you be more clear or what?

— If possible omplet tutorial. I have level an algorithm

— What?

— Tutorial of c++

— #googleit

— Http://

— 😳

— Lol the bot is broken here too mmihov