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June 2019

— Nah, I am using base pro model and it’s good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

— I use vim as ide on mobile phone

— Nevermind, gone ot a bit

— History consist of loops


Each time new type of device is made (smaller and more convinient), vim again becomes more suitable because its lightweight

phones today, smart glasses tomorrow

— Purge complete.

— 🤔

— Are there built-in map, reduce and filter lambda functions in modern C++?

— I've been using old style and not familiar with the modern C++

— What you mean? There's lambdas, there's a std::map container and there's a std::reduce algorithm

— Like

— I think std::transform is what you're looking for

— There are generate, accumulate and other alghorithms in STL, but they're not lazy as I know, so they'll calculate all the values even if you'll discard some of them later.

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— Not completely sure, tho

— What will be returned? A newly created array or the modified original array?