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August 2018

— Oh no, no worries is not my group, you can spam what you want


I am working on react datepicker and i want this date picker's umd version but I am not able to generate it

I need single umd file which I can include in my requirejs project... Please help

I tried npm install and npm run build on this cloned project but i am not getting what i want

— Eh. i dont know why it has to be so overcomplicated. ppl swamp in those build environnents.. have a demo? i mean some visuals.

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— Hmm.. nice API:

— Reminds me of what a kernel does

— Gonna replace setTimeouts to that.. also, it starts after painting, in the end of event loop, so maybe it can be used for animation rAF + rIC combo.. hehe, will see...

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— Https://

— This is nice

— Look at this simple elasticsearch-client

— Hi Guys..... happy friendship ol.

— 🙈

— *-*