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June 2019

— What do you want to say I do not understand you

— (core dumped)

— Hi rose

— Would that be a complete memory dump of the crashed process along with add. info like state of cpu-registers ?

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Quote from wikipedia
> User-mode memory dump, also known as minidump,[13] is a memory dump of a single process. It contains selected data records: full or partial (filtered) process memory; list of the threads with their call stacks and state (such as registers or TEB); information about handles to the kernel objects; list of loaded and unloaded libraries. Full list of options available in MINIDUMP_TYPE enum.[14]

— You can open core dump with gdb

— So how a dump is structured depends also on the arch of the computer ?

— Not the arch but the os i think.

— On linux it should be in ELF format

— Check this out

— Ok, thanks :)

— What's the best IDE for C/C++?

— CLion is good

— Xcode if you are on a mac

— I want one that doesn'e explode