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June 2019

β€” Don't think so, but what's wrong with isdigit?

β€” Nvm actually there is std::isdigit in <locale>
thanks anyway though 😊

β€” Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Mich.
poor soul, be gone

β€” #howtoask


Try phrasing your question like this:

1. Tell us the problem

2. Tell us what you have done so far.

3. Tell us how you got to this point

4. Paste code in pastebin or something similar

5. Wait for beautiful answers

β€” Https://

β€” What's that?

β€” I know this litter bit noob question but can somebody explain the difference between function signature amd function prototype?

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β€” User Pranav has 2/3 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
read the rules

β€” Typical school project in at least Asia Subcontinent, Africa and every sub-standard school of this world.

And I'm NOT even joking

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β€” /warn random stuff

β€” User Davetrapper has 1/3 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
random stuff

β€” And it's usually written in VB(.NET)/ASP/PHP

β€” Thanks adminπŸ˜‚

β€” Im programmer making application on tools visual studio enterprise 2015