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June 2019

— My driver is sill working. It not crashing. I just can't get basic information of process

— There is difference?

— No

— But speed matters


Maybe. But it is more comfortable when I can analyze dump on my host OS with automatic exported symbols ann research all last logs.
Now the main question is - why can't I get a process information via ZwQueryInformationProcess and what I need to do to resolve it.
My guest OS in Debug mode. Tested certificated is installed. Firewall and defender are turned off.

— Hi

— Look!

— Which programming field is the most demanded filed?

— Field?

— I was learning web development but I find it boring

— Are C and C++ highly demanded?

— I find them more interesting

— Can a base class with pure virtual methods have constructor?

— And is it fine if i have different parameterized constructor for derived classes from base class constructor?

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— Yep