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June 2019

— The error says what you need

— Read it. Solve it

— Great you found it :)

— Pretty logically


There's written there's no return statement in a non-void function. I think the error is pretty clear

— Sorry for stupid question. Apparently, I need some rest

— Usually it generates only a warning tho

— It' an online compiler

— Help me please with my code, I’m rookie in C++ and I get this error. What have I done wrong?. Task from leetcode(topic binary search) Line 18: Char 5: error: no return statement in function returning non-void [-Werror=return-type]. My code

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— Yeah it even says that it is treating that warning as an error because the program is compiled with the flag -Werror=return-type

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— True

— Hello

— User Mad has 1/3 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:

— Hey, I am new to this....i want somebody to help me in programming..

— Just do it