Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Anybody used cspag or ctags here?

— Maybe C++ is just not so competitve among the other languages like Javascript. C++ takes a lot more time and efforts to learn apparently.

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— Also those abstract langauges have a better chance in cross platforming I think.

— For most mobile applications, performance is not the key, what’s more important is to deliver the product sooner. so languages like Javascript can take their advantages.

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While frameworks like react native is pretty production ready… reinventing the wheel doesn’t make too much sense

— Of course, not if you can build a much better one

— Where to use abstraction and where to use interface ?

— OH no virus, welcome ^•^

— You just answered the question yourself

— 👍

— I do them :3

— What is asynchronous logger in spdlog??

— How is it different from basic logger

— It is asynchronous

— Calling it does not block