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June 2019

— Guys arrays have been confusing me since day one

— What’s your problem?

— Didn't understand anything while trying to study the subtopic

— Would be better if you would tell your exact problem


Arrays in C++ or just in general?

If just in general, all you really need to know is that it's a list of variables. Depending on the implementation, they can have multiple dimensions, need to be a set amount of items or be dynamic, etc

— Helpful 👍

— Learn stuff about various kinds of containers

— Am still a c student

— Well that shouldn’t stop you 🙂

— Okay😊

— Then in that case I do

— Who here uses PHPRaad Studio🖐🖐

— Why there's no sable and well-known framework to build Cross platform Mobile and web applications in c++ even all react native and flutter finally convert there code in c++ at the end.

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— Https://

— Anybody used cspag or ctags here?