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June 2019

— Any other platform to practice??

— Because older IDEs don't provide newer stuff. If you're learning C++, it makes no sense to learn the 2003 version. You should start with C++11 at least, and I don't think Turbo C++ supports it well enough

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— Still waiting guys

— Excercises in books


First learn the concepts ,try applying them by framing ur own simple questions.

Who asked you to mess ur brain reading complete question in hackerrank. Just look at the sample input and output. Write the code if it fails then look into question a little bit.

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— /notes

— List of notes in C/C++:
- 0_to_show_item_use"#item"
- awesomeness
- best
- best-book
- bingo
- callingfunction
- cbook
- `c++_isnt_c_with_classes`
- cpp
- cppbook
- findprojects
- freeprogrammingbooks
- gcc9
- goodcodingmentality
- goodgoogling
- googleit
- great
- hownottoask
- howtoask
- howtopostcode
- howtoprogram
- ide
- learn
- mcve
- meta
- noendl
- nousingstd
- offtopic
- ossu
- ot
- pleaseusegoogle
- private-teacher
- reference-the-standard
- report
- rules
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— #bingo

— 0) Answer to the question is in the first 3 search results when looked up verbatim
1) Can't install [pentest_distro] distro
2) Can't set up something basic on [pentest_distro]
3) Can't set up [proprietary_software]. Tick off extra slot if it is IDM, Spotify or Steam.
4) Insults the group/person's intellingence for not answering his question
5) Refuses to install a general usage distro after being pointed to the [Should I use Kali Linux] page
6) Incapable of hacking neighbour's wifi/captive portal
7) Sends low quality phone pictures instead of a screenshot
8) Tag people in the chat for no reason, especially admins
9) Also PM them for extra effectivity
10) Completely ignores any documentation that was sent to them
11) Wrecks their system by running dd/rm commands that people posted as a joke
12) "I am an ethical hacker"
13) "Help me just this one time"
14) "sir,..."
15) "Will this teach me how to hack"

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— #private-teacher