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June 2019

— I use vscode

— Sometimes in terminal itself like nano and vi

— Me too

— Can anyone help me with this Admin


I don't agree, you are studying programming and not ide, Borland IDEs are perfect example of complete ide with full set of what you need to learn basic programming, it includes good help and debugger.

— No updates in a long time

— Guys can anyone tell me the website to practice cpp programs

— Hackerrank

— Code chef

— How does it affect ?
still we are learning same concepts 🙄
am not saying you are wrong just asking

— I tried but unable to understand questions and I have tried all hackkerrank ,codechef,geeksforgeeks

— Any other platform to practice??

— Because older IDEs don't provide newer stuff. If you're learning C++, it makes no sense to learn the 2003 version. You should start with C++11 at least, and I don't think Turbo C++ supports it well enough

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— Still waiting guys

— Excercises in books