Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— 😢😢

— Yes btw my school is still using ancient turbo c compiler

— It can only build 16bit MS-DOS executables

— Jesus


I'm trying to get started with OpenGL. A lot of tutorials are written by people being elitist.

"How do I do X with Y?"

"Ugh stop using Y why would you do that"

"Why is Y bad? What should I use instead?"

"Just don't use Y."

— It's enough for beginners

— Beginners shouldn't use outdated IDEs no matter what

— Why ?

— Because they're outdated? Maybe? And there're better and easier IDEs to use

— What are variadic functions in c?

— What do you mean by outdated? 🧐😅

— I use vscode

— Sometimes in terminal itself like nano and vi

— Me too

— Can anyone help me with this Admin