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June 2019

— Where these people come out from 😂

— I don’t know why ppl say it’s unpredictable… it is actually predictable, it’s not ramdom, with a debugger you could really predict that though no one would waste their time on it.

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— Http://

— Unpredictable =/= Undefined


It's about language standard, it means that the standard doesn't say what will happen in that case and it depends on implementation and other things, but it's bad anyway

— Yeah just don’t do it anyway

— Some OS kernels might actually null the freed memory

— So it is UB

— I'm serious

— It's not often

— That's quite racist 🤔

— What's the problem with Russian people?

— A lot of they are some stupid

— Why you say that?

— Because I know about 30 russian