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August 2018

— It is only to show a rule over generated graphics, I was thinking on only placing the image... but...

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If you generate graphics.. it shouldnt be a problem to draw this scale. one line, then 10 lines with text.

— Or.. you can use image, scale it by width 100% to match

— Browser will scale it automaticly

— Hello, Can someone help-me about the Dependency Injection in Nodejs ?
What is the best pattern for this ?
what is the best module for use ?

Thank you!

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— Dependency injection is a pattern

— You don't need modules

— You go from:
(dependencies) -> yourModule

— The purpose of dependency injection is in most cases testability, so you really only need to inject dependencies that talk to the outside world (console, network, db, fs)

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— It's the case, Is for testability

— I undestand

— That's all you need