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June 2019

— Thanks. will look into it.

— Hey

— Good try,My humble comment

— Int main()
SSHBrute conn("localhost"); //read ip as an argument
vector<string> username = readFile("username.txt"); //give realtime username input instead of reading from file
vector<string> password = readFile("password.txt"); // provide an excrypted list of password and use a decrypting algorithm and return the list
for (int i = 0; i < username.size(); i++) {
return 0;

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Thank you for your input.
host IP and username.txt will be passed as command line argument (that is in my todo list)

— And this is a password cracker, i don't see why my password list should be encrypted

— How many of them?

— What?

— And if it isn't installed in your distribution by default, there surely is a package to install it

— Also, you can use conan, which supports boost

— I know

— I'm just conflated about Distros having it by default thing

— Ubuntu comes with it, for example

— Hello everyone

— Which ide/editor are you using?