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June 2019

— If anyone have

— Lol what.

— Do this, it’s easy

— Hmm


I really encourage you to use CMake as the build system. For logging I'll recommend you spdlog. For argument parser I've used Boost.Program_options, which works quite well and it's easy to use

— Is there proxy allowed?

— If you can implement it...
In the process, i will learn something new...:p

— I don't know how it works

— Thanks for cmake and spdlog...
Boost will too heavy, I am thinking of using cxxopts (header-only)

— If you have a basic idea about it...we can work on it together

— Boost usually comes already installed in linux distributions. Also, you only have to use one of the modules

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— Yep, we can

— Is Boost used in industry?

— I have heard some debate on the subject

— There're some boost libraries that are really good (hana, fusion, signals2, multi_index...), but some others are quite outdated and need a good refactoring and new APIs

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