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June 2019

— Yes

— I would add that you should not include something in the file where it's not required, including something in header will cause problems for other people if they use your library in binary form+headers

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— Got it. Thanks.

— I am working on an SSH password cracker (Brute/dictionary attack). C++ project educational project.
I will really appreciate if you could review the code.

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If you guys want to contribute, here is a list of things I want to implement
Argument Parser

This is not an exclusive list.

— Someone can provide the hand written notes of c language please

— If anyone have

— Lol what.

— Do this, it’s easy

— Hmm

— I really encourage you to use CMake as the build system. For logging I'll recommend you spdlog. For argument parser I've used Boost.Program_options, which works quite well and it's easy to use

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— Is there proxy allowed?

— If you can implement it...
In the process, i will learn something new...:p

— I don't know how it works

— Thanks for cmake and spdlog...
Boost will too heavy, I am thinking of using cxxopts (header-only)