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June 2019

— That doesn't work in general case with telegram, unless you can build for any platform it can be runned on (including Android and iOS).

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— Ok, well I am just try to put ideas out there

— You got any idea

— No, sorry.
Actually Docker sounds promising, if you can limit cpu and memory that consumed by one instance, and won't allow to run some long calculations.

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Ok, I was kinda thinking of having a python bot and that you would send a code file like example “test.c” and then it would get downloaded and compiled then added to share file on virtual machine and make a simple program to check the shared file on the virtual machine every 2 seconds and then send a temp link to display output.

— Also there can be some libs for online compilers that have some sandboxes with them

— Yeah because we don’t want it running in the actual machine

— Because is a security risk

— Sanboxes?

— Sandboxes, that was a typo

— Ohk

— Anyway I think he found something anyway so I don’t need to make it. But it would be a fun project

— If I start a GitHub repo maybe we can work together to make it.

— Nah, Even though it sounds fun, I already have tons of unfinished projects, don't want another one in this list 😂

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— Hahahaha I know that feeling . I do to lol 😂