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June 2019

— I lost my glove

— Found

— *click suka blya*

— HI
Someone know what is the difference between software update to patch [update]?


A big update normally comes with new features and major changes. Patch updates comes with bugfixes most of the cases

— "Fixed bugs, improved optimization"

— Hmm
I just saw some article and was writed there about real rocket ship wich was with code bugs and the creators couldn't update the software cause storage space problem so they did much patches.
What does it mean ?

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— Folks: is Texas Instruments's Code Composer software running on C++?

— I just proved

— That i am a human

— You are hooman

— How can i add a app.config file to my DotNet Project?

— Because i have just appsettings.json

— C program basics plzz

— Lol