Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— For real?

— PowerPoint is turing complete

— Https://

— Char *table[numberOfStrings]


I just made the most pointless game in C that runs on an Arduino Uno as the mcu, Serial monitor as the display, and an analog joystick for movement...

I see this as an absolute win!

— It has procedural generation of enemies, character movement, and a treasure.

— Cool!

— I want a teacher to help me learn c++

— That can cost

— The internet is a wonderful place. Taking existing code and modifying / breaking it is also a really great way to learn how things truly work

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— When you have questions, then you can come here and we will help you. Please use this format when asking a question:


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— Thank you

— #howtoask

— Try phrasing your question like this:

1. Tell us the problem

2. Tell us what you have done so far.

3. Tell us how you got to this point

4. Paste code in pastebin or something similar

5. Wait for beautiful answers

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— 👍