Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Hi i do have an opportunity for C++ Developer. Please let me know if anyone is interested

— Guys i need help in a program

— Smart devs won’t study cs

— /marvo161


Is there any way by which I can count the number of times a .exe file has been runned?
Like When I open it, It will you are opening this file 4th time.

— U can save it in another file i think

— So whenever I open a program It will read from file and increase it by 1?

— I was thinking same
but If you guys know any better method .

— U can read the num, increase it and write into file

— Why not

— Ok thanks😃

— Https://

Can I create rows as strings?
Why I always only get characters ?

— My goal is to put values as strings in positions

— Idk why it doesnt work for you... i was ok with array of strings

— Strcmp wouldnt work i thought?
youll need strncmp