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June 2019

— How would you do that without an if ? (not saying that is not possible, but the if is the easiest way to achieve it)

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— It compiled successfully?

— I probably dont understand the question, then

— Ok 😆


Just divide by maxgrade (your result will be between 0 and 1), multiply by three (your result will be between 0 and 3), round to int and then you can use a switch statement

— Well, here you might want to floor instead

— But thats really overcomplicating such a simple task 😂

— She want to do it with only one of statement

— Here, I dont have any if statements at all

— I don't understand why

— College assignments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— You’ll get those soon

— I won't study CS

— I'll probably either study to become a concert organist or a mathematician

— Never had such a stupid assignment 😆