Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— If (a>10 && a< 20)
/* Here a is between 11 and 19 */

— Atlest send m pdf that is useful for new mmbres in c and c++

— || means "or"
&& means "and"

— Dude buy sumitra arora
its beginner friendly and cost around ₹1000 ig


Write a program five subject of marks to find total mark,percentage,division using only one if condition.

— Kk ty😊

— Yeah perfect

— Why only one?

— Yes only one using if statement

— Ok

— I don't see why you would even need one for that lol

— Why don't you try it with infinitely many ifs at first

— And then you try to reduce the amount of ifs?

— If you even need any

— Probably for printing "first division, second division" and such