Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Most of them are cons and will try and get you to install malware lol 😂

— Https://

— No you need to understand how the computer work, start by learning assembly x86

— What does developer option in Android means?


There are many options that allow you to simulate app stresses or enable debugging options. Android Developer Options allow you to enable debugging over USB, capture bug reports on to your Android device, and show CPU usage on screen to measure the impact of your software.

— It allows to get info on the phone that nominal people don’t and lets you test your apps on it

— I use it when I develop my own android apps

— (And my apps crash when I start the service fuck)

— Guys I need help in implementing TSR in C. Any suggestions on which books to refer to?

— Oh 🙄 thanks

— Give me a sec

— Take your minute, man.

— That’s has lots of different books on programming

— Any particular ones?

— Is has C and C++