Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Marksheet division
Like first, second, distinction

— Oh you meant grades

— Or rank

— How about switch?


Its like if percentage>=75 print division: distinction
If percentage>=60 and<75 print first division
And if >= 50 and<60 print second division...... .
If >=45 and<50 print third division
Else fail
But the main problem is i have to use if condition once only

— Its almost like grades
(Our country's old marking system was percentage system nt grade)

— I don't know if it's possible with just one if condition, wait for others here.

— Okey
Before i did with multiple if condition
But later sir told to use only one if condition

— I've asked him if we can use switch but he didn't reply

— .

— LoL

— Cant use switch
It need constant value
Percentage changes for different students

— Using ?
Can do that
But dont know how to use

— #ot

— Https://