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June 2019

— Ow ok. Well I use telegram and signal

— So no worries there

— Read what Durov writed about WhatsApp

— So end to end encryption isn't available


Ok so I try to creat chess game and for the figuers I add picture box but behind the figure I draw a board and now the grhapica layer of the picture box is hide the layer of the board and I don't know when the user click the board so can I disable the graphic layer on the picture box?

— Give as a link

— I read only rus version, sry)

— Now is a good time to bring your friends and family to Telegram.

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— Thanks

— This is the one I think.

— No problem

— Gj, that's it

— Please help

— #include <stdio.h>

void print();
int main()
int x = 10

void print(num){

printf("%d \n", num);


Can someone help me , this function doesn't work

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— Error ?