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June 2019

— Python is childsplay

— U must declarated ur func before use it

— Sure but acually this question is not about python , it's about logics

— That's not true. If you had given the function protype in main, then you can put a function below main().

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A compiler doesn't know about a function until it has seen it, so it must either be declared upfront or only be used after the function passed the compilation process

— I didn’t know that I originally thought you were never supposed to put any function below the main function.

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— The best way - move prototype into header x)

— ^ Thats a bad habbit actually

— It's a joke)

— 😂😂😂😂

— Now it's make sense

— I have to see example 😋

— Lol that’s classic line

— Well, that happens once in a fortnight to be exactly sure!!

— Lol