Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— For the start u can set a pointer for variable

— Sure i did that i understund fast that's why i'm looking for little project

— I'm coming from python programming

— Hm, try to watch forward list realization


Thanks a lot !
I'm interesting to 'translate' ( to human laungage ) binaries file like mice in linux ( mouse ) and things like that.
maybe it's good point to start ?

— Everything in your hands)

— Hey there I'm a computer science student n I will someone to teach me how to write programs

— Isnt your professor gonna teach you that?? 🤔

— Fatal error in parse: 'someone' is not a verb or any of its valid derivates

— Nop like I only learn theory which makes it hard for me

— Then it's strange what I'm learning it by myself 🤔

— Honestly, watch a programming tutorial

— Well, what maximillian said is right

— Go watch youtube tutorials

— Then if theres a part you are having trouble with you can ask here