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June 2019

— It's basically the same thing. Look at some compiler output

— Where that int i was not supposed to work

— In modern C idk from which Version we use // single comments many other features which were not supposed to be

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— Btw, olli, i think that 3.0 should suffice for the compiler to detect a float


An unsuffixed floating constant has type double. If suffixed by the letter f or F, it has type float. If suffixed by the letter l or L, it has type long double.

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— 3.0 is double though. So it's not the same

— Yes

— Sure but the effect should be the same

— 1234567890UL;

— For sure, just wanted to have the exact same behavior

— Okay, makes sense!

— Well 3.0 should be bloat so yea, 3,0f is better

— LoL

— Unless you need dounle capacity

— 4bytes, enough to encode a stackframe creation 😘😂😂