Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— On phones how can I do that admin if I have less space on phone

— Oh and we are figuring out which Insult best fits mr 'bullshitter' dijkstra

— Admin?????

— Guys, should i add .vs folder into .gitignore ?
Learning git, sry if it's a stupid question)


The .vs folder can be helpful to others, i usually keep it. if you wanna reduce bloat though, gitignore it!

— Okay, thx for answer)

— Shitpost trio by an organist and two flutists

— Well, they flute on dicks

— I have asked something

— You exige answers now?

— ????????

— What the..

— You cant do programming on a phone 🙃

— Not?

— Impossible!!!!!!!!!!