Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Change format into .h

— Mb u creating wrong type of file ?

— I want to build a program which will scan the words present within angular bracket <>

— Depends on how you implement it, but most compilers prolly just copy the content


And if the words scanned, there exists a file with that word name then i want to copy the contents to separate file

— You might have better luck with some macros

— Data handling is eating my all my brain

— It is so so terrible concept always give incorrect ouput even useless errors any one tried

— Any one tried Data file handling

— Why here all are silent

— We are busy writing compilers on our phones in outdated languages

— Let me call ScrewYou, Maxi and M

— Shitpost of the three

— 🙂

— On phones how can I do that admin if I have less space on phone