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June 2019

— Otherwise, I'd use Atom

— Hii gyzz

— Hi

— Hii


It has not happened to them that they enter to YouTube and they are surrounded by videos with a thematic similarity with the TV (gossip, sensationalism, information with little quality) when sometimes you only want to see informative videos, divulgation, etc. of topics. . that interests you ... think of a platform that brings together all the knowledge channels ejm (SmarterEveryDay
, siraj raval, coldfusion, *your preferred channel of knowledge*, etc.) and the community: comments from people focused on acquiring knowledge 🤔

— .

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Shubham.

— Thats harsh

— Can anyone help me with how compiler puts the header files content into the .c file ?

— Change format into .h

— Mb u creating wrong type of file ?

— I want to build a program which will scan the words present within angular bracket <>

— Depends on how you implement it, but most compilers prolly just copy the content

— And if the words scanned, there exists a file with that word name then i want to copy the contents to separate file

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— You might have better luck with some macros