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June 2019

— There's no such member function getrno in std::fstream. Here you can check all the available ones

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— With auto completing syntax

— Just type main and you gonna get main ready

— I use it for almost everything, but it's not an IDE


Codeblocks is best for learning, according to me. and its free, light weight. so can be eaisly used on older computers. atom used to take forever to launch on my system.

— Yes it's not an ide but has Auto completion

— I KNOW, but that doesn't make it an IDE

— But do you know anyway of making it's style to Allman style braces ? #ot

— Thn try eclipse

— I didn't say it's an IDE

— Read carefully

— I never said it's an ide

— I don't know what you mean

— Int main() {
Allman :
int main()

— That's what I'm asking and please reply in #ot