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June 2019

— Hello I am making my c++ project on classes and data file handling so require help of all of you guys there are so so errors

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— What ❓ is problem here this function is defined in public section of class

— And then called under this function

— Don't use Turbo C++ and use a more modern IDE


Why here in my high school all uses that
It does not make much differences they will give same errors

— Lol

— Must be idiotic

— It won’t teach you old-school experience, it’ll just make you suffer

— 😂

— Are you really admin

— DOS it's about 90th

— Yes I am and I recommend you to delete this and use modern ide lol

— So but my friend and my teacher in school lab use that

— Be smart and modern

— So give example of modern ide all are paid bro and may be expensive