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May 2019

— Hello!

— Lol

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— Source code of the programm I'm talking about


Hello all
I have some ip camera of xiaomi based buildroot os ( linux )
I try to compile c file in the camera but of course she has not cmake or gcc or make.
Do you have ideas ?
I can connect the camera with telnet / ftp

— Hi everyone

— Hello guys!

— Can anyone suggest me books for build logics in c++?

— You might need to use assembler for this

— Unless you manage to get a port of clang onto it

— Is there any reason people not using strlcat, strlcpy etc over old strcpy etc? (While doing "she" code)

Why not use safe practices?

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— In cpp you should use the std:: tools for some safety

— I mean in C

— C++ std::string is decent already