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May 2019

— Http://

— I know your post is against the rules. But I sent you a dm regardless.

— My best advice is to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Take care

— Thanks.


Excuse me, hi , i wanna, how can i make file using same name but, with int , for the example like, filename1.txt , filename2.txt. btw im using same ofstream declaration

— Ahh no, i could not explain it 😫

— Name with int lols

— Check if that file exists and increment index

— Concat to a filename then

— How can i named it??".txt") ??

— If i initialize the char variable with 1, can i increment it to 2 ??

— That won't work, but you could use std::to_string to convert the integer and if the filename is a string append it to that

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— Hi. Does anyone here have experience with CUDA programming?

— Hey!

— Hello!