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May 2019

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Hey there, Can somebody advice me what should I do. From last 6 months whatever I am doing I am not able to continue it any longer than 6-7 days. 6 months ago ,I was in a relationship but the girl broke my heart and ever since I am not able to do anything.I see so many failures but no urge to do or feel anything.6 months ago I was very passionate about everything ,more importantly I was very aimbitious.But now I want to grow as a person so that I can survive. I feel very dejacted and less loved. From last 6 months I am battling within my mind and trying to accept myself as a person.But it is becoming more like a dream which can't get fullfilled. A strange emptiness if getting me over.The emptiness which is very hard to understand.I am becoming more unpredictable to myself these days. It's like I don't know who I am anymore.I am not even a quater of the boy I used to know.Can anyone care to spare some time to advice me or walk me through my dakest time. Inbox messages are welcomed.God bless all.

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— I know your post is against the rules. But I sent you a dm regardless.

— My best advice is to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Take care

— Thanks.

— Excuse me, hi , i wanna, how can i make file using same name but, with int , for the example like, filename1.txt , filename2.txt. btw im using same ofstream declaration

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— Ahh no, i could not explain it 😫

— Name with int lols

— Check if that file exists and increment index

— Concat to a filename then